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23 March 2017 @ 10:37 am

Watch Lily's interview on the Talk HERE. I can't access the video above in my country so if I find another I'll update it. :)

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19 March 2017 @ 12:15 pm

From everyone at lilydaily we want to wish Lily the happiest of birthdays! Have a fantastic day!
*blowing kisses*

To celebrate, feel free to add gifs, videos, favorite pictures of our girl to this post and have fun!

Now that the book is out, how have your fans been reacting to it?
It’s been incredible! I just had my book signing and girls, boys, men, women of all ages, from all over showed up, and people would say “Oh my god, chapter 2—I feel like I dated that guy!” or “That letter was so powerful” or say that they felt I was speaking directly to them. I was so floored by the support and positivity and really just this overwhelming feeling for myself, yet again, that I’m not alone. I wrote it for all those people that ever felt alone because I wanted them to know that they weren’t and yet I still found myself being surprised when someone could relate to something I’d written and say “You’re also not alone.” And I was like Oh my god, it’s working on me too! It was a really nice gift to be given.

On the flip-side of that, was there any anxiety related to the book finally coming out?
Oh yeah, it’s so personal so of course there were terrifying aspects of it. I was very anxious because I am opening up and so vulnerable in so many different ways, but if being vulnerable meant there was going to maybe be a greater result for more people, then I was totally willing to put myself out there. You can control what you put out there but you can never control people’s reactions and I had to be strong knowing that [writing this book] was a choice, no one was asking me to do it, and at the end of the day you just have to take the good with the bad. I’m prepared to answer questions because I know that I’ve written about certain things that are going to elicit conversations and questions, but I feel like it really has, pun intended, made me feel very unfiltered.

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THR's seventh annual ranking celebrates the top image architects who masterfully craft the red carpet looks that make their star clients shine, during awards season and beyond.

Call these past 12 months a time of upsets, from the presidential election to the best picture race. Now add Hollywood red-carpet fashion to the list. Who would have thought that political pins and ribbons could (almost) outshine diamonds on Oscar night?

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Full article at The Hollywood Reporter
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Lily Collins was destined to grace beauty billboards and silver screens alike, a fact all too apparent with her breakthrough role in Mirror Mirror, the 2012 adaptation of the Snow White story in which the up-and-coming actress played the raven-haired, rosebud-lipped fairy-tale princess to perfection. To the surprise of nobody at all, Lily soon clinched another coveted role: Lancôme ambassadress.

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For our April 2017 beauty issue, Glamour set out to celebrate the people who are rewriting the rules and fighting to put old ideals to rest. The result is a extraordinary display of beauty. In the following profiles, you'll meet game changers who run the gamut. Some live for makeup. (Like Nura Afia, the first hijab-wearing CoverGirl, who compares the exhilaration of a two-hour face beat to a morning run.) Others find their power in their hair (or lack thereof, in designer Lizzy Okpo's case), their heritage (like Brooklyn painter Lee Armoogam), or their identity (see: 17-year-old activist and actress Yara Shahidi).

Get to know their stories, and what they stand for. We asked each of them to define themselves and share their thoughts on everything from self-expression to their favorite hair and makeup products. Together they’re redefining what American beauty means.

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Lily Collins' memoir Unfiltered is out now is bookstore and online. Get yourself a copy today!
08 March 2017 @ 10:19 am

Happy book birthday to Unfiltered!
Grab your copy today in stores or online.
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TV: Your book contains a lot of discussion about appearance in conjunction with your career. What advice would you give to young girls who want to go into modeling or acting but are wary about an emphasis on looks and body image?
LC: One job can't dictate how you feel about yourself. If you put your all into something, then at the end of the day you have to just leave that at the door and say, ‘Well, I tried my best,’ and move forward. It's really important to know that there is so much competition out there, and there are so many young women vying for the same part, or going for the same modeling job. There will be something out there for you, you just need to continue with a healthy and positive mindset. Don’t become downtrodden, and don’t allow your insecurities to be heightened by the fact that somebody isn't choosing you. It's the same with relationships too. If someone doesn't choose you, it just wasn't the right person for you. If a person doesn't want you for a job, then maybe it's not the right job for you. It can't dictate how you feel about yourself.

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