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Lily Collins is set to appear on 'the Ellen DeGeneres show' on Thursday March the 2nd alongside George W. Bush. If there are further details, I'll update it here.


How do costumes help your acting?
For certain characters, I sometimes make playlists and collect inspirational photos of the world or time period, and though I already feel very much immersed in the headspace of the character, the last step is getting into the wardrobe. Once I put on that costume, I start to carry myself differently and understand what's important to the character: Are they clean and well kept? Are they fashion-forward or caring more about comfort? Do they try to hide themselves or show off their figure? Costume designers help the actors become their characters in ways you wouldn't even know until you literally walk in their shoes. They’re so talented and integral, and they don’t get enough recognition.

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Lily will be honoured with the Lacoste Spotlight Award at the Costume Designers Guild Awards on February 21st.

The Hollywood Reporter
16 February 2017 @ 01:13 pm

Credit goes to MissLilyCollins
The previous post with links to Lily's Instyle interview, BTS video and photoshoot is here.

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