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Lily, Jamie,Kevin & Godfrey at The Mortal Instruments Press Conference in Mexico(Tweets,Pictures)


I have translated the tweets from the press conference, sorry if I made some mistakes.

Lily related tweets.

Lily Collins, daughter of musician Phill Collins, always wanted to play Clary, that's why she aproached the studio to get the role

“Every girl can be Clary if she is genuine, if she is herself" says Lily Collins

Lily Collins states that The Mortal Instruments it's not coming to sustitute Twilight, and she is happy with the reception of Mexican Fans

Lily says that the fame hasn't changed her and that she is still the same girl as always.
Lily states that she is not going to talk about her personal life when asked about dad and boyfriend.

"I like to be spontaneus, I'm surrounded by family and I'll also be there for my fans " says Lily
"When my character is told the big secret that Valentine reveals, it's a hard moment for me" Says Lily
"Even though if in Mortal Instruments there are werevolves and vampires, it's a really different story from others" Lily says.

In case you want the comments, from the rest of the Cast

"I was inspired by Johny Depp, Kurt Cobain, Heath Ledger, to create Jace's character"
Jamie says they introduced Jace as a mix of Jim Morrison and Spider-Man
Jamie reveals his big secrets about his fight sequences, He trained for four months before filming.
Jamie assures Casssandra was really close to them and supported them with everything they needed.
"Stay Weird" is the advice Jamie gives to Mexicans

Kevin says his wife doesn't mind he is playing Alec, one of the first gay characters in this kind of saga.
Everyone remembers how Kevin brought food to set at 3 am

Kevin is proud that his character in mortal instruments it's not the cliche gay and it's a role model
Kevin comments that in a few days he will get the script of City of Ashes


Godfrey says that for him there wasn't any difficult scene, "I removed my pants"


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