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In early May, Vulture stopped by Milk Studios in Los Angeles and Splashlight Studios in New York to photograph 81 potential Emmy nominees before voting for the awards began in June.


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For THR's annual class photo, 30 top TV actors reveal which co-star they'd call to bail them out of jail, the scene that had them squirming and what their dream spinoff would look like.

The show you never missed as a teen?
"I had my Monday shows. I had my Thursday shows. I had my TGI Friday shows. So it was 7th Heaven on Mondays, and then Fridays were Sabrina the Teenage Witch; Two Guys, A Girl and a Pizza Place; and The Wonder Years on Nick at Nite. And I loved Freaks and Geeks, but that was only on one season. When I was in school, I would look forward to finishing my homework and being able to watch these shows."

What would a spinoff of your show be?
"Fantine in heaven. Or maybe I'd do her earlier years — Fantine at home before she had to move to Paris. Otherwise it would be based in heaven. Or hell, but probably heaven."

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The Hollywood Reporter

SPOILERS in text below

“I’d never done a death scene. I didn’t really know where to begin,” reveals Lily Collins about her role as Fantine on “Les Miserables.” “It was my second day of filming,” the actress explains “Everyone was very respectful. I really appreciated the crew on this because there’s so many moments that Fantine goes through where I truly had to be the most vulnerable as an actor that I have ever been and just be completely in the moment with no sense of vanity. I was really nervous on my second day, so I got to work my way back to life.” Watch our exclusive video interview with Collins above.

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"It really could be equated to modern-day ghosting that a lot of young women go through," Collins said on a recent visit to the L.A. Times video studio. "I know I've gone through it. I've written about the fact that I've gone through it multiple times — when you think you know someone so well and at the drop of a hat they're just gone."

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